I have personal vehicle insurance. Would it cover my rental?
It's best to speak with your insurance provider in advance to see what they provide for, as well as what is not covered. However, you need to know that if there is another person driving the vehicle, they may not be covered under your policy. StreetSmarts offers affordable daily rental coverage, just in case.
What does “unlimited kilometers in Ontario” mean?
StreetSmarts allows you to drive as much as you like during your rental period, unless you cross Ontario's provincial boundaries.
What happens if I leave Ontario?
In that case, StreetSmarts gives you 200 kilometres for each day, with each additional kilometre provided at rates as low as just 20 cents.
Can I use the car on the 407 ETR?
Yes, but we do not recommend it. When renting vehicles, any tolls are the responsibility of the renter. 407 ETR charges all usage of its highway directly to StreetSmarts Rent-a-Car, and at the moment, there isn't any way for the renter to know how much the bill will total, nor is there any way for the renter to settle those charges prior to returning the vehicle to us. We can settle those charges on your behalf, but a standard $50 administration fee will apply, in addition to these charges.
Do I need to purchase the Liability Coverage or Collision Damage Waiver to rent from StreetSmarts?
If your personal vehicle insurance covers rental cars, then no. But it's important to note that in Ontario, a minimum liability coverage of $1 million or more is generally accepted as the rule. Liability coverage protects you against third party claims: for example, if you are from the United States, are involved in a collision in which the third party sues for damages (let's say for $800,000), but your personal vehicle insurance only covers $200,000 in liability, you would be personally responsible for paying $600,000 in that settlement example.
It is also important to remember that while some premium credit cards may cover damage to a rental vehicle, they do not protect against third-party liability or charges related to the rental vehicle's utilization losses.
StreetSmarts' affordable liability coverage will supplement up to CDN $1 million. StreetSmarts also offers Collision Damage Waivers, which protect against vehicle damage claims in the event of a collision.
It's always better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to speak to your representative about how these coverages can help ensure your travel experience is worry-free.
What happens if I’m running late for my pickup time?
Call us as soon as possible and let us know you've been delayed, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. However, during very busy periods such as holidays and long weekends, StreetSmarts cannot guarantee we'll be able to hold your reservation for longer than 1 hour past your check-out time, and your reserved vehicle may be made available for rental to the next walk-in client.
What happens if I need the car longer than I anticipated?
Let us know when you'll be needing it until, and we'll do our absolute best to accommodate your needs.
What do I need to rent a Roadstar car?
A valid full driver's license (a full “G” in Ontario), and a valid credit card. While debit cards or cash cannot be used as security deposits at the time you arrive for pick-up, but can be used to settle your bill when you return. Please note that we do not accept pre-paid credit cards for checking out your rental, but you may use such a card to pay for the rental upon return.
How old do I need to be to rent?
A minimum of 23 years old. There is an additional daily surcharge for drivers between 23 and 24 years.
Can there be more than one driver?
Yes! Each additional driver is just $10 a day, but must be present with their drivers license at the time of checkout. Please note that additional drivers must meet all of the necessary requirements discussed above.
What should I do if I’ve been in an accident?
We hope you're safe and sound! Make sure no one is hurt. If someone has been hurt, you need to call an ambulance immediately. Whether the accident was a single or multi-vehicle incident, if the damages appear to be in excess of $2,500, police must be called to the scene to file the official report. In all incidents involving third parties, you must exchange all necessary information with them: your name and drivers licence number, complete vehicle information, as well as insurance information. You will find a copy of the vehicle registration in the glove box of every StreetSmarts vehicle. Next, call us and let us know you've been involved in a collision, so that we can make arrangements to ensure the next reservation is honoured.
I returned to where I parked my car, and it’s gone! What should I do?
First, find out if the vehicle had been tagged by parking authorities and towed. But if that doesn't work, the vehicle may have been stolen. Call the police, and then call us, and we'll help you get things sorted out.
Can I connect my phone to the car?
Yes! Most all of our StreetSmarts vehicles have Bluetooth connectivity. To connect your phone, go into your handset's Bluetooth settings, make sure that it's set to “discoverable” and if asked for a connection code, you simply need to enter either “0000” or “1234,” and presto! Using Bluetooth connectivity while driving not only enhances your safety, but can enhance your StreetSmarts experience, too!
I’m not from Ontario. Is it true that I can get a ticket if I use my handset while driving?
It's true. Ontario is very strict when it comes to distracted driving. Fines for using your handset can be nearly $500. If you need to use your phone for maps and navigation, it may be better to rent one of our GPS units, which are available very inexpensively at StreetSmarts. Just ask your representative for more information.
I have a premium credit card. Doesn’t it cover me for possible damages to my rental vehicle?
While premium credit cards may cover damages to your rental vehicle, but not necessarily loss-of-use charges pertaining to fleet utilization. It's important for you to know that in the event of an accident involving injury or damages to a third-party, and if you are not covered by a valid personal vehicle insurance policy with adequate financial coverage, it's better to be safe than sorry, and is best to protect yourself against any possible lawsuits or settlements. StreetSmarts offers inexpensive supplementary liability coverage, which extends to as much as $1 million in liability protection!