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Getting you where you need to go – Car Rental Downtown Toronto

RoadStar Car Rental downtown Toronto is perfect choice for road trips, airport travel or to travel far and near in the weekends. In a city like Toronto, where excitement never dies, stepping out under the sun with your backpack is even more fun when you have a great car to ride on! We offer great cars on great rates. Choose from a range of 4-5 seaters with cars that are spanking new and attractive.

Whether you are looking to go for business trips or want to have some pleasure rides, our car rental Toronto downtown wide services have your back. Our Car hire services are friendly, efficient and dependable.

GPS to Go

gpsWhen coming out of town is befuddling, DO NOT WORRY! We’ve got GPS to go!

So, unknown destination – No WORRIES, just enjoy the ride.

Special Shop Rates

Enjoy special shop rates to give your customers quality service and guaranteed satisfaction.

Discounts and Promotions

Enjoy special weekend discounts to make ride a more pleasurable event for you and your pocket both!

Whoever gets in for a ride leaves with a smile – that’s what drives us to be the best car hire Toronto service today!